‘Vienna’ To Follow Vista

Microsoft dishes the dirt on what comes after what comes next... (I understand what I mean).

Windows Vista, Microsoft’s next gen OS, may still be 10 months from launch but it is already old hat. The beast of Redmond has already begun talk about its successor by updating the codename.

Windows ‘Vienna’ (all together for some Ultravox: ”It means nothing to me. This means nothing to me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Vienna”) is the choice and like Longhorn – Vista’s development title – will be used until the mega multinational can think up a better, even more copyright impinging title closer to launch.

In fact, Vienna is already the M$’s second stab at a title for its what-comes-next-after-what-comes-next OS having previously dubbed it Blackcomb (a city near Whistler which was Windows XP’s codename). Why all the title changes? Well, the little cynic in me asks you why Madonna changes her image every few years or McDonald’s introduces its latest limited edition waist widener…

Naturally enough, neither Gates nor his minions were keen to talk about product details or time frames for Vienna but we can certainly speculate that many of the ambitious features dropped from Vista, such as WinFS – the inventive new file storage system, will re-emerge here. Of cause by then we could all be running on Google OS-es and Gates may be working in the mail room for Larry Page and Sergey Brin…

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