What's the Best Android Phone?

Video: What’s the best Android Phone ever? Head-to-Head

From the HTC Dream (aka G1) to the Galaxy S7 Edge, since Android launched in 2008 there have been hundreds of smartphones launched. But which is best?

In this week’s Head-to-Head, Max Parker (@MaxParker) and Sean Keach (@SeanKeach) fight over which is the best Android phone ever made.


The first generation Moto G brought high-end, flagship features to a phone you could buy for less than £150

Most people don’t care about quad-HD screens, 4K video recording and other fancy features that you have to pay an arm and a leg for. I just want a reliable and reasonably priced phone – that’s exactly what the Moto G brought to the table.

The best part of the Moto G was the software. It launched running an almost stock version of Android, which made the phone feel fast and responsive despite its comparatively low-end hardware.

It wasn’t the prettiest for fanciest phone, but it set a new standard for what to expect from a ‘budget’ smartphone and that’s Android’s true legacy, making good phones affordable.


The Galaxy S7 is the ultimate Android phone and, more importantly, it passes the Mum test. If my Mum were in the market for a new phone, I’d definitely recommend the S7 and not, for the first time, an iPhone!

It’s beautiful, fast, waterproof and has the best camera of any smartphone. The S7 is close to perfection and represents the culmination of eight years of Android phone and software development.

Max believes the entry-level Moto G is the best Android phone ever, but as well as having a low-res screen and an ugly, plastic body, it only had 8GB of storage, which was barely enough for a couple of apps and a few videos.

The Galaxy S7 is expensive, but it’s the ultimate phone and without a doubt, the best Android phone ever.

Have Max and Sean got it all wrong?


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