Video Comparison – Best Headphones

Thinking of upgrading your sonic headware? You have a tough choice ahead of you. There are plenty of great brands you may not have heard of, and just heading down the high street and picking what looks good often ends with you wasting a load of money. To help out, we’re made a video running down some of the best headphones around.

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We start off at what we think is a pretty sensible price to spend on a good everyday pair of earphones – around £30 – but if you’re feeling flush we’ve included some at £80, and a few right up at the top end of the market. A word of warning, though – it’s perilously easy to get hooked on these things.

The main things to consider include – do you want earphones or headphones? Headphones that encompass your ears or sit on top? Do you need noise cancelling? Are you more into bass or clarity and accuracy?

The truth is that you don’t actually have to spend an arm and a leg to get good sound quality. But you do have to get rid of those nasty things bundled with your phone. Which headphones are you rocking? Drop us a comment below.