Video Comparison: Best Digital Cameras

On the hunt for a new digital camera? We’ve rounded-up some of the best, from compacts, though compact systems cameras all the way up to full DSLRs.

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There are two questions to ask yourself whenever at the start of the camera-buying process. First, how much are you willing to spend? And then, what kind of camera are you after? Do you want a pocketable compact or a full-size DSLR that you’ll probably end up buying a separate bag for?

Compact system or micro four-thirds cameras sit between these two. They have larger sensors than compacts, offering image quality that can compete with entry-level SLRs, crammed into a body significantly smaller than the DSLR norm. Compact system cameras also tend to be some of the most stylish-looking, but they come at a slight premium.

Also, consider whether you want to get a camera that needs multiple lenses to get the most out of. Unless you’re going to get serious with your snaps, an advanced compact is far more convenient – and often more flexible too. DSLRs need specific lenses for macro-level photography, for example.

But we can’t ignore the basic truth that DSLRs come up with the best images of them all. Watch the video below for a look at some of today’s top contenders.