Valve Index Headset: Price, release date, specs for Valve’s new VR headset

We’ve finally got a proper glimpse of Valve’s forthcoming VR headset. The Valve Index Headset appeared on Steam temporarily, and so we’ve got plenty of news to share with you about it.

What is the Valve Index Headset

The Index Headset is Valve’s official entry into the virtual reality arena. Valve previously teamed up with HTC on the HTC Vive, but now they’re taking their own run at things, with a few unique tweaks.

Looking at the design, it all seems fairly standard in so far as its a headset you can plonk on your bonce to immerse yourself in a different world. The only real thing to notice is that the Index has open-back integrated headphones, which will likely mean you have a vague idea of the noise going on around you while you play. This could be useful for those trying to avoid tripping over a cat/dog/spouse/child, but it’s definitely an unusual design.

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Valve Index Headset – Release date

The temporary Steam page for the Index headset suggests the Index will start shipping out on June 15th this year, with preorders starting on May 1. However, this was all grabbed from a work-in-progress version of the page, so it’s all subject to change.

We’ll see the preorders kicked off with a huge event where Valve unveils the specifics of the headset. Speaking of which…

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Valve Index Headset – Specs

Specs on the Index headset are thin on the ground. We know from the pictured recommended specs that you’ll need a GTX 1070 graphics card, and we know that the index will support DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 inputs, but otherwise we’ve got nothing. Rest assured, as soon as we know more we’ll update the page.

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The hand controllers, which were best known as Knuckles when they were tested with selected developers, have now been dubbed Valve Index Controllers, and they’ll be shipping with the device in June.

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