Vaio Media Centre Sets Pulses Racing

Rearrange these words: 'Nice, Looks, Indeed, Very'.

Sony has long produced media centre PCs, but its latest VAIO marks the company’s most concerted effort yet to work its way into the heart of our living rooms.


Dubbed the VGX-XL100 and styled in a cooler-than-my-living-room black and brushed aluminium, it is a jack of all trades functioning as a TV tuner and recorder, DVD player and burner, music jukebox, gaming machine and office work station.

The old-school horizontal layout means it should fit comfortably on shelves or in cabinets and HDMI and component TV outputs give it strong integration. Equally important, Sony has managed to make the XL100 completely silent and packed in a hefty 250GB of storage space (enough for a fair amount of high def recording).

As a dedicated PC the XL100 is not caught short either, sporting a Pentium D 920 processor and nVidia GeForce 6600 graphics card with 128MB RAM (not cutting edge, but it will certainly play the most modern titles at lower settings). Naturally, Windows XP Media Centre is the OS of choice and support for Intel’s Viiv technology rounds things off nicely.

Pricing and availability have yet to be set, but Sony isn’t really one for announcing its PCs eons before release so the XL100 shouldn’t be far away. Hopefully, I’ll have just enough time to redesign my entire living room so it looks cool enough to receive one…


May is the date my decorators need to be finished and hopefully they’ll be happy to knock £999 (including VAT) off their price so I can afford one. Pre-order it here (”thanks Sam”).

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