Unstable Vista Dumped For Olympics

Requires only "mature, stable technologies" - ouch.

It’s yet another (s)hilarious(/s) smack down for Vista…

Today the late-yet-somehow-prematurely-released OS was dropped for the 2008 Olympics by official games partner Lenovo after declared the software was not reliable enough to be the backbone for a major event.

No doubt causing the terror to coarse through the veins of senior Microsoft execs, Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Chairman, declared: “the Olympic Games require mature, stable technologies and it’s not a place to try new technologies because of the size and importance of the event. Everything must work smoothly.” Consequently he confirmed that all vital computational tasks at the event will be conducted on PCs with a Windows XP installation.

Of course this flies in the face of everything Microsoft has attempted to preach to us about Vista and after numerous manufacturer backlashes, including Dell which began reselling PCs with XP, it has even forced the issue by declaring it will cut off XP OEM sales in January 2008.

The sad part of all this however is that following the release of last week’s long awaited reliability patches the OS is finally beginning to work a little more like a finished product (note: I said “a little”) yet so bad is Vista’s rep that only an official Service Pack will now bring it any credibility.

I guess the WOW (Windows Olympic Washout) really does start now…

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