Unknown Makes First True All In One PMP

How does a 4.3in touchscreen, GPS, DMB broadcasts and audio and video playback strike you?

Is this the best attempt yet at a genuine all-in-one PMP?

Crazy Korean company Yukyung certainly thinks so having branded its latest player the ‘X2 AIO’ (All in One) and with a 4.3in 480 x 272 pixel touchscreen, support for both audio and video playback and integrated GPS as well as DMB streaming television broadcasts the company certainly has a point.

Under the hood Yukyung has also gone to town throwing in a racing 600MHz Alchemy AU1250 processor (400MHz is normally the standard in most PMPs) which enables the device to multi task (though I’m not so sure about GPS and DMB sharing time – above?!) and abandons the oh so en-vogue solid state storage for a hardcore moving parts 60GB drive.

As usual with anything Korean and remote there is little chance the X2 AIO will end up on these shores (other than via the usual grey market importers) but it certainly serves as a powerful technical showcase for where our devices are (hopefully) headed.

The X2 AIO goes on sale immediately in Korea for ₩599,000 (approx. £320) with a smaller 30GB option also available for ₩549,000 (approx. £290).

Darn Koreans 🙁

Product Page in Korean

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