Uninspiring New iPhone Specs Leak

Let's hope they're not true.

Let’s just label this exactly what it is: a buzz kill…

MacRumours has picked up a post from Chinese forum Weiphone discussing what are said to be the specifications of a new iPhone model, dubbed ‘MB717LL’. The poster also submitted an accompanying screenshot to back up their claims.

What we learn is hugely meh-tastic:

  • 600MHz CPU Speed (increased from 400MHz)
  • RAM doubled to 256MB RAM
  • That recently leaked Digital Compass plus FM


  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus
  • 32GB capacity option

Apparently no significant improvements will be made to the display, battery or external casing. ”Whoopee!” (sarcasm alert)

Now let’s step back a moment and take a deep breath. Firstly: Chinese forum post – hmmmn. Secondly, we have heard there could be an additional iPhone lite announced so let’s hope (if true) this is it.

Thirdly though, it is horribly believable isn’t it? Hardly the 8MP, OLED, wireless N, 64GB, DAB radio, etc rumours that we expect. It would also make sense to Apple to keep a handset with similar specifications for compatibility with existing third party apps.

That said, reasoning be damned. Second generation products are often incremental upgrades to the first generation but the third is where we should again expect big things.

”Big Things” Apple ”’BIG THINGS!”’

via MacRumours