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Under Armour’s new smart shoes tell you if you’re too tired to run

You might just have a new excuse for dodging your upcoming workout, these trainers can tell you if you’re too tired to go for a run or not.

Building on its existing, run-tracking smart trainers, sportswear giant Under Armour has now released a trio of new smart trainers, each with the ability to let you know when you should be pushing hard, and when you should be taking it easy.

It’s about more than just getting out of a training session though. Knowing when you’re fatigued can help you avoid injury.

All powered by the company’s MapMyRun mobile app, the UA SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE, UA SpeedForm Velociti RE and the UA SpeedForm Europa RE each feature a sensor pack in the sole of the shoes.

As well as the traditional distances covered, calories burned and time active data metrics, these trainers also boast a new Jump Test feature that measures muscle fatigue prior to users’ work outs.

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Under Armour Smart Shoes

Measuring the wearer’s air time during a sequence of jumps, the trainers can monitor muscle fatigue and recommend whether you should be pushing hard or taking it easy in order to avoid a potential injury.

‘We are taking a scientific approach to recovery that is directly utilising real-time data from your body to determine what level of workout you should execute to guide your training,’ Under Armour’s Chief Digital Officer, Mike Lee, said in unveiling the products.

‘We know one of the biggest problems runners face is pushing through pain and fatigue, leading to injury. The Jump Test in MapMyRun is a critical first step for runners and will help avoid the “training hangover” many athletes face by giving them awareness into their ability to perform.”

Although UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed, over in the US, the smart trainer will set wannabe owners back between $139.99 (£112) and $159.99 (£128) a pop.

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