UK Spends 50 Hours PW Watching, Surfing, Talking

No wonder our national sporting teams have gone to hell in a handbag.

We’re a nation of couch potatoes say IBM ”and” Ofcom…

This is what we can take from the results of a joint survey released this week:

“UK consumers now spend 50 hours per week on the phone, surfing the internet, watching television or listening to the radio,” said Ofcom in a statement. “Average daily internet use in 2006 (36 minutes) was up 158% on 2002 and time spent on the mobile phone (almost 4 minutes per day) was up 58%. Time spent watching TV was down 4% at 3 hours and 36 minutes, listening to radio was down 2% at 2 hours and 50 minutes and time spent on a fixed line phone was down 8% at 7 minutes.”

Backing this up IBM also noticed an interesting trend, “The global findings overwhelmingly suggest personal Internet time rivals TV time. Among consumer respondents, 19 percent stated spending six hours or more per day on personal Internet usage, versus nine percent of respondents who reported the same levels of TV viewing. 66 percent reported viewing between one to four hours of TV per day, versus 60 percent who reported the same levels of personal Internet usage. ”

It was perhaps well known that mobile phones are taking business from landlines and MP3 players are reducing our radio usage (even though some come with FM receivers), but it is significant to learn that of the Internet and the previously unstoppable TV, it is the latter which appears to now have more pull.

It is also significant that we are a nation of lazy &*%$£”&

Ofcom Survey Results

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