Revealed: Why 75% of UK shoppers might skip 2018’s Black Friday deals

A Trusted Reviews survey of over 1400 people has revealed that UK shoppers are worried about the quality of Black Friday deals in 2018 compared to previous years – and more than half may shun the event as a result.

In a Demographix survey, we found that nearly 40% of people (38.9%) don’t think that this year’s Black Friday sales will represent as good as value as before. A further 43% said they weren’t sure if 2018’s Black Friday deals would compare favourably to previous years, making for a total of over 80% of respondents who confessed to uncertainty about the the quality of Black Friday deals, ahead of the annual shopping extravaganza taking place on November 23.

Indeed, almost 25% of those surveyed (24.6%) admitted to taking an actively cynical view of Black Friday, while nearly 50% (48.9%) said they thought they could find just as many deals before and after the event. Taken together with the 2% of respondents who hadn’t ever heard of Black Friday, this raises the prospect of up to 75% of shoppers could sit out this year’s sales – a worrying statistic for UK retailers.

However, it’s not all bad news, as approximately a third of those questioned by Trusted Reviews (32.9%) regarded Black Friday as a good time to shop for bargains, and over 25% said they typically start their Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

All of which underlines the uncertainty that surrounds the Black Friday weekend and whether it represents the best time to shop for Christmas.

To find out if it really does offer good value deals, we worked with UK price comparison website PriceSpy to see how product costs compared before, during and after the Black Friday period, which also takes in Cyber Monday.

Especially in the case of premium tech, it seems Black Friday does represent an ideal pre-holiday shopping window. The Dyson V6 Animal wireless vacuum, for instance, hasn’t been cheaper than it was on Black Friday 2017, when it was price slashed by 45% down to just £179.99. The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones, too, saw their best pre-Christmas price on Black Friday, enjoying a 32% discount that brought them down to £159 – they weren’t available for less until March 2018, our research found.

Even at the stocking filler end of the spectrum, we found that Black Friday offers quality discounts: the popular Google Chromecast streaming dongle was down to just £13.39 on Black Friday 2017, a 32% price cut that wasn’t bettered until August 2018.

There are obviously exceptions to the rule – we found that the Sony PlayStation VR headset actually was cheapest on December 1st last year – which is why we always recommend using a good price tracking tool to vet the deals you might be mulling.

Other Trusted Reviews tried-and-tested tricks for getting the best deals on Black Friday includes setting up retailer notifications for products you’re interested in, and keeping a close eye on time-sensitive deals like Amazon’s Lightning deals – check out our essential guide to Black Friday shopping tips for more expert advice.

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