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UK consumers ‘reserved’ about new tech innovations

With rapid development happening throughout the tech sector, leading manufacturer LG has suggested UK consumers are more ‘reserved’ than some about adopting new innovations.

Highlighting the home appliance sector as an example, the South Korean manufacturer has claimed that these reservations often mean latest product innovations hit Korean and US markets well before landing on British shores.

“LG is doing some crazy stuff but it always takes some time for new technologies to come to the UK,” Dawn Stockell, Marketing Communications Manager for LG UK said speaking with TrustedReviews. “Although as a nation we embrace technology yet we are still quite reserved about new innovations.”

Discussing smartphone enabled fridges, washing machines and ovens formally unveiled at CES 2013 earlier this year, Stockell stated: “These will come.”

She added: “There is a balance of fun vs need and with the UK we need to ask ‘are consumers ready for this’. There are time frames we have to fill and consumers have to be ready. If we launch and the public are not ready, we lose our impetus.”

Suggesting that British retailers share the same reservations as UK consumers, Stockell stated that some are wary of new innovations being introduced to the home appliance market, a sector that attracts the less tech savvy shopper.

“Retailers are saying when we propose our new technologies “are consumers ready for this, perhaps not,”” she said. “We need to make sure consumers need and understand the benefits of the latest innovations and that they are wanted.”

Highlighting ways of making home appliance innovations more enticing to consumers, the LG representative added: “Innovation is embraced if you lead with the benefits and not the tech. The benefits are what attract the less technical consumer.”

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