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Uber’s Beacons ensure you’ll never get into the wrong car again

Uber has revealed a remarkably sensible approach to help ensure passengers don’t accidentally hop into the wrong car at night.

The ride-sharing giant is sending out chameleonic Beacons to drivers in some cities, which will light up to match match a colour shown within the passenger’s app.

Beacons are affixed to the windshield and are shaped like the company’s logo to further reduce the chances of confusion, even if passengers have enjoyed a festive tipple too many.

Uber says the Beacons will last several evenings before requiring a recharge and can be easily removed when drivers are off duty.

Our technology also allows for customized color palettes and animation styles to celebrate events and holidays —imagine Beacon pulsing St. Patrick’s Day green or colorful rainbows all weekend for Pride,” the company wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

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Beacons will only be available in the UK in Newcastle which, given the Daily Mail moral outrage-level of booze consumed upon the Tyne, is probably a wise choice.

Uber drivers and riders in the US will see Beacons in Miami, Denver and Nashville initially. The company said it wants to issue Beacons as standard in 2017.

The move follows the launch of a similar scheme by rival firm Left, which isn’t yet available in the UK.

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Earlier this week Uber debuted driver-less cars in San Francisco. Would you feel comfortable taking one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.