People have… mixed views on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold

For those of us that live and breathe technology, we’ve know that a foldable smartphone has been on the cards for some time.

But it’s one thing knowing that they’re possible, or seeing dark, grainy footage. Last night was the first time Samsung gave an audience of millions a good look at its new top-of-the-range handset: the Galaxy Fold. Here are some of the opinions shared on Twitter:

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Even a slightly jaded public was certainly impressed with the main party trick, and especially the way in which Android adapts to the change of aspect ratio.

And this only got better when Samsung revealed exactly what was powering the Fold. Top of the range specs, and then some.

Of course that kind of grunt powering that kind of innovation was going to result in an enormous price tag. Maybe more than people were expecting…

Yep, the Galaxy Fold is going for $1,980. And at that price, people begin to look for perfection, which is never going to happen with a first-generation product.

That’s presumably where two of the six cameras are housed, hidden away on most demos, but clearly visible in the Google Maps section. And if that tiny right-hand notch is a problem, then you might want to never use the Galaxy Fold in phone mode.

Indeed, one man had a certain sense of deja vu:

And it reminded others of something else:

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In short, design wise, it has good and bad points, as neatly summed up here:

One man had practical concerns about letting Samsung loose with a version of Android designed for phones and tablets, too:

…while others thought that Xiaomi’s demo showed more promise:

But Samsung’s social media team were certainly enjoying the feedback, either way:

The Samsung Galaxy Fold won’t be launching until May, but one Twitter wag found a cunning placebo to keep them going for a few months.

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