Twitter CEO Denies Sale Talk

Well would you sell with its current rate of growth?

Following the absolutely ridiculous talk of an Apple Twitter takeover earlier this week poor Twitter CEO Biz Stone has actually had to come out and defend against this rubbish…

Speaking on US morning talk show The View (yes it gives me the shakes too) Stone categorically declared: “No. We are not for sale.” He also added – though in less pithy quotable dialogue – that the site was focused primarily on developing new features and remaining independent.

Now 1. Yes ”of course” Stone was going to say this but 2. He didn’t have to go on national TV and make this statement if he were suddenly about to sell. Personally I’d interpret this as follows:

”How on earth can you morons think Apple was going to buy us? It’s going to be Google! Or maybe Microsoft if they offer us a really, really large wad of cash. Besides why would we sell when we’re growing more than 1,000 per cent annually? We’re holding out for $1bn and not in some shoddy stock options, it’s the worst period in financial history since the Great Depression. Duh Zuckerberg!”

Let’s call this matter closed… for now.

”’In related news”’ Twitter has also finally updated its new follower emails so they don’t resemble something out of the 1980s. Plain text has been dropped from html and now you see a profile picture of the new follower and their following/follower/update figures (above). Personally I’d like to see the bio included along with the last few tweets, but it’s a start.

Stone Comments via ComputerWorld

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