Kodi addons including Exodus and Covenant delisted by TVAddons

TVAddons, the popular library for Kodi addons, has delisted a multitude of popular addons amid legal issues related to piracy.

There have been some very big-name casualties, including Exodus and Covenant, both of which can provide free − and illegal − access to a huge selection of TV shows and films. A full list follows towards the bottom of this article.

TVAddons, which has exchanged some choice words with Kodi in the past, has been embroiled in legal battles over recent months. In February, a judge ruled that the site was “clearly designed” to be used by “those who want to circumvent the legal means of watching television programs and the related costs.”

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TVAddons has responded by de-indexing any addons “from which content licensing cannot be ‘easily’ verified”.

In a blog post that went up over the weekend, TVAddons wrote: “We are no longer indexing certain types of addons as a result of legal pressure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t install whatever you’d like, it just means that we can’t index those addons through our platform.”

It added: “Right now we’re only indexing Kodi addons from which content licensing can be ‘easily’ verified. We’re not saying anyone else is bad, we just can’t be part of it.”

At the start of April, TVAddons posted a list of addons that have already been removed from its site. They are:

  • 1Channel
  • 9Anime
  • SportsDevil
  • Death Streams
  • Anime Incursion
  • cCloud TV
  • Chappai
  • Covenant
  • Elementum
  • Exodus
  • Gaia
  • IceFilms
  • IceFilms
  • Incursion
  • Neptune Rising
  • Placenta
  • Sparkle
  • Sportie
  • Release HUB
  • Ultimate IPTV
  • Ultimate Whitecream
  • WatchNixtoons

TVAddons says it will not be updating its list on an ongoing basis, so it isn’t clear if more addons have been delisted since it first went up. Instead, the site will publish new lists “at the beginning of each season”.

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It has, however, described the move as an “interim addon submission policy” that will likely remain in place until its legal battles have concluded, “so that the court will have a chance to clarify whether [TVAddons is] liable for user generated content, and whether certain Kodi scraper addons are liable for infringement or not”.

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