TV Tuner Breaks Mould

AVerMedia makes cards compatible with the notebook Express card interface.

In the endless world of PC TV tuners it is a fine day when we get some variation. So I was rather chuffed when AVerMedia ensured today’s wind and rain was lifted by some metaphorical sun and blue skies.


Easing the doom and gloom that is England in November is a technological first from the company, a TV tuner built around the new notebook Express Card internal “hot pluggable” I/O expansion slot. This zippier connection allows the globally compatible analogue card to race along with a 16 channel preview option, time shift and record functionality, and grab image sizes up to 1600 x 1200 resolution.

Programmes can be preset into the card’s software which will automatically start the TV tuner at the correct moment, while coaxial, composite and S-Video inputs are all available should you wish to export your viewing to a different medium. Naturally, all channels are automatically scanned and setup after installation and a parental channel lock is included in the software should your kids accidentally/deliberately try and view something you would appreciate far more.

System requirements are low, needing just a PIII 1GHz CPU or above, 256MB RAM and obviously a the correct interface, though only Windows XP is supported. AVerMedia has kept the price low at £64.99 all in and it will start turning up in shops over the coming weeks.

Now you can watch Ben-Hur on your notebook this Christmas, while recording Escape to Victory at the same time. My, it feels good to be alive at the cutting edge of the 21st century…