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Turntable specialists VPI starts producing face masks and ventilator parts

After switching from producing record players to hand sanitiser, audio brand VPI Industries has also started producing face masks and 3D printed parts for ventilators

In another display of ingenuity during the coronavirus crisis, US-based VPI Industries has turned its hand towards producing face masks and parts for ventilators to help increase the amount of medical equipment available.

To create the face masks, staff members took clear plastic covers from its brochures to use as visors and applied packaging foam as forehead strips. Turntable drive belts were used for headbands. Over 100 of these face masks have been delivered to use at local hospitals.

As VPI relies on 3D print machines to help manufacture their tonearms, the company turned to its local 3D printing partner to create specialist parts for hospital ventilators, with company president Mat Westfield appealing to suppliers for help in providing clear plastic materials.

The appeal was successful and the clear plastic material received has allowed VPI to create intubation hoods – which adds another layer of protection to help medical professionals treat patients – for local hospitals in its area.

Mat Weisfeld, commented:”I am proud of the efforts of both the VPI team and its partners in manufacturing vital medical equipment. When I delivered the hand sanitiser and face masks to one of our local hospitals, I was truly humbled by the senior medic I met who was totally delighted with what we were able to supply. At VPI, we’ll continue to do our best to help who we can during this difficult time.”

It’s another positive sign with companies pooling their resources to help in the fight against coronavirus. Tesla has come up with its own schematics for a ventilator, while UK household appliance maker Dyson is in the process of building several thousand ventilators.