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Traeger puts Wi-Fi all up in your grills

The noted purveyor of fine grills Traeger is making Wi-Fi a standard feature on its barbecue-enabling meat-smoking aides.

The company has launched six new models all toting its WiFire technology, which enables the grills to be controlled and monitored from a smartphone.

The entire 2019 lineup of grills has added connectivity, which was previously only available on the two highest end models Timberline 850 and 1300 models.

Now, grills starting at just $799, like the Pro 575 and Pro 780 (via Engadget) will enable grillmasters to stay firmly seated in an easy chair rather than popping out to monitor or adjust the temperature every so often.

The model names refer to the square inches of grill space you’ll get in these wood pellet-based appliances. You’ll get 24 burgers, five racks of ribs and four whole chickens on the Pro 575. If you go for the Pro 780, you’ll get ten more burgers, an extra rack of ribs and another chicken for good measure.

Both of these grills have the company’s D2 Direct Drive tech, which has a new fan. That ensures the smoke will keep rolling. The Pro series also offers a reversible auger that can counter pellet jams. They’ll also hit a 450-degree max temperature.

Considering smoking meat often takes around 10-12 hours, with multiple temperature changes involved, the tech actually means you can leave the house for a few hours without risking spoiling that delicious slab of brisket.

The app will also give you notifications of the internal temperatures of the meat, changes in temperatures and the need to baste the meat in real time. Making it even easier, the Grill Guide will even guide you through the entire cooking cycle automatically due to the locker of built-in recipes.

If you’re wondering whether this takes the all of the fun and sense of achievement out of grilling, don’t worry, we kind of are too. But hooray for tech, right?

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