TouchPads Running Android Emerge On Video

When the HP TouchPad went on sale for £89 earlier this week,

the only thing holding some of us in the office back was the lack of apps and

support once HP dumped webOS completely.

One of our colleagues was not too worried however, assuring

us that it would soon be hacked with Android and everyone would be happy. And

only a couple of days later, several TouchPads have emerged on video running

the Google OS, but not after being hacked – they were like this straight out of the box.

Several people who purchased cut-price TouchPads in the US have posted

videos of their shiny new HP tablets running Android 2.2.1 having just taken

them out of the box.

HP TouchPad Android

The devices seem to have come from Qualcomm indirectly as

when they are powered on, they boot into some version of Ubuntu before display the

QuIC logo which stands for Qualcomm Innovation Centre.

HP TouchPad Android

The devices then show the lock screen for a vanilla flavour

of Android 2.2.1 and seem to work as normal for the various functions shown on

the videos. As Qualcomm provided the processor for the TouchPad it’s not surprising that its engineers would be trying to get Android to run on the device.

Where ever the ROM came from, it has been dumped here by the TouchDroid team but it is not yet in a form to be downloaded and

flashed on your TouchPad device.

However, should you wish to get your hands on an Android-running

TouchPad, one of the Qualcomm devices has been put on eBay and with just over 40 hours to go in the bidding process, the highest bid

stands at $1,025 – a nice profit for the person who bought it for $99 a few days


It is only a matter of time before a ROM becomes available for

all TouchPad owners, especially considering that there is now a $2,225 reward

for the first developer to do it, and then the £89 we didn’t pay for the tablet

may seem like a pretty big missed opportunity.

Source: Android Central