Touch Sensitive 42in LCD Screen Unveiled

iPhone's 3.5in screen too small for you? Try this on for size.

Two facts about the iPhone multi-touch interface, number one: the Multi-touch interface is cool. Number two: the screen is just too small. What we need then is a device that takes the technology fromt he iPhone screen and puts it into a decent sized panel. And while many of us in the TrustedReviews office still dream of the day our first transparent, Multi-touch-esque, Minority Report style review sample arrives, until now I had my doubts this was going to happen.

As the images magnificently fail to show, the display offers not just a touch screen interface as has been previously, um, displayed, but the ability to perform different actions depending on how you click the screen is very nifty.

For example, a single finger press is equivalent to a left click (if you’re right handed), while two fingers denotes a right click. In a similar way to Microsoft’s surface computer, users can also exploit the image manipulation functionality of the screen and no doubt a slew of programs designed for a multi-touch interface will end up flooding the market.

Unfortunately, if the idea of a touch-screen computer that can double up as a TV excites you, there’s no info on pricing or a release date yet. However, I for one am going to start saving my pennies because this beats the iPhone on wow-factor hands down.

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