Total War Troy – All you need to know about upcoming strategy epic

The latest entry to the hugely popular Total War series has been announced, as Creative Assembly officially confirms Total War Troy. 

Creative Assembly aims to blend its realistic -strategy-focused battles with a sprinkling of mythology, as iconic characters and monsters star including Achilles, Hector and a Minotaur-inspired warrior. 

A Total War Saga: Troy brings all the classic features and mechanics of the renowned strategy franchise to the Trojan War as you plot and fight your war to victory as you conquer the entire kingdom from the city of Troy to Mount Olympus. 

Look below for everything we know about the newly announced Total War title, including release date, news and trailers. 

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Total War Troy Release Date – When will it launch?

Total War: Troy will launch in 2020 on Steam for PC. No exact release date has been confirmed just yet, but we will update this article once we get more information. 

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Total War Troy Trailer – How does it look?

Creative Assembly has revealed a trailer for the launch of Total War Troy, showing Achilles and Hector duelling out in spectacular fashion.

This looks to be one of the most blockbuster footage we’ve seen in the Total War series yet, and teases the incredible fighting scenes you’ll witness in Total War Troy.

Total War Troy  Everything you need to know

Creative Assembly has revealed a lot of information for its new Total War Troy game ahead of its 2020 launch. We’ve dug through the information and provided answers for some of the biggest questions fans may have for the new strategy game.

Total War Troy

How historically accurate will it be?

Creative Assembly has said it wants to attempt to dig into the truth behind Homer’s Iliad rather than going full-out fantasy. This means Total War Troy will be closer to the likes of Total War: Rome in tone than the fantastical Total War: Warhammer.

Despite its attempts to paint a down-to-the-earth portrayal of the Trojan War, Creative Assembly doesn’t ignore mythical side of the stories surrounding Troy and ancient Greece completely. A good example of this is the Minotaur warrior, which is a humans solider that dresses up like the mythical monster with suitably savage special skills.

Total War Troy

What legendary heroes will there be?

Creative Assembly has confirmed two legendary heroes so far: Achilles and Hector.

Achilles, of course, boasts superhuman strength and looks to be the strongest warrior in the game. He can’t be made completely unstoppable though, so he also has some massive flaws including his hot-tempered nature whenever his pride is insulted, which makes him a weak diplomat.

Meanwhile, Hector is also known for his skills as a warrior, but better suits defensive tactics where the aim is to wear the enemy down rather than rushing in for the kill.

Will the Gods play a part?

It’s impossible to leave out the Gods in a game all about the war between the Greeks and Trojans giving the significant role they play in the mythical stories.

That said, Creative Assembly still wants to maintain a grounded vision of the Trojan War and so has refrained from allowing players to hurl lightning bolts at infantry troops from the heavens.

Instead, Total War Troy will use the factions’ belief of Gods to give them perks and bonuses rather than seeing Gods getting directly involved in the combat. These perks could include naval bonuses from Poseidon or a boost to warfare from Ares.

Total War Troy

What resources will there be?

To reflect the Bronze Age that Total War Troy takes place in, this will be the first Total War game in the history of the series to feature multiple resources.

These resources will include food, wood, stone, bronze and gold, with each possessing varying degrees of availability and uses. Food and wood will be used to recruit warriors and build early-game buildings, while high-tier troops and buildings will require bronze and stone instead. And then finally gold will be helpful for trading in the later stages of the game.

What new terrain types are there?

Mud and long grass have been introduced as two new terrain types for Total War Troy. The first of the two will slow down the movement of heavy infantry, which can have a substantial impact on the battlefield.

The long grass, on the other hand, allows select unity types to hide from the view of opposing players, which is great for scouting and stealthy tactics.

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