SDHC Cards Hit 32GB (& Max Out?)

Where now?

Remember when SDHC was first announced in June last year? The big selling point was that it raised the roof on capacities to 32GB, but have we gotten there already…

Unless there has been another breakthrough in the workings of SDHC – and I haven’t heard of any – then that is the shocking conclusion after Toshiba announced the world’s first 32GB SDHC card just 14 months after the standard was launched.

Thankfully, the ‘SD-HC032GT4’ – to use its full name – will be a Class 4 card meaning data transfer rates race along at the 6MBps mark (yes, that’s going still going to take a long time to fill) and like all SD/SDHC cards it will measure just 32 x 24 x 2.1mm while weighing a mere 2g.

Tosh will also back this monster up with the ‘SD-HC016GT4’, a 16GBer with otherwise identical specs and (perhaps more usefully) the ‘SD-MH008GA’, an 8GB microSDHC card which will surprisingly match the data rates of its larger brothers.

Tosh will drop the 16GBer into the market in October with the 32GB big daddy and tasty 8GB ‘baby’ not arriving until January ’08. Pricing wasn’t released for the microSDHC, but you’ll need to shell out a hefty ¥40,000 (£175) for the SD-HC016GT4 and a whopping ¥80,000 (£350) if you want (is it possible to ”need” a 32GB SDHC card?) to stay on technology’s bleeding edge.

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