Toshiba Launches 4.1in LCD Touchscreen Handset

Fully featured too, just a shame about the one major caveat...

Toshiba, Toshiba – how can you be so close and yet so maddeningly just off…

Announcing its most impressive move into the smartphone market to date, the Japanese company has really stepped up its game today unveiling the ‘TG01’ – a 9.9mm thick handset with a huge 4.1in WVGA (800 x 480) touchscreen display.

The good news doesn’t stop there though as you’ll get HSDPA, aGPS, WiFi, a microSD expansion slot and support for Flash websites and DivX encoded video files. Another clever trick is the ‘G-sensor’ which acts like a virtual pivot point enabling the handset to sense movement around its central axis. Consider this like an accelerometer with A levels since it brings three dimensional movement into play.

Finally wetting our already considerably moistened whistles is use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which means the TG01 will become the first handset to rock a 1GHz CPU, so performance should be snappy. Or should it?

You see there’s a caveat with the TG01 and it’s a biggie for many: Toshiba has opted to use Windows Mobile 6.1 as the operating system – albeit with the usual heavy skinning. Now this is daft on two levels. 1. ANDROID! and 2. The cat is out of the bag. We already ”know” Windows Mobile 6.5 is going to debut at MWC next month, so this immediately gives what is otherwise a tasty phone a sense of age.

Now at this point we’re still waiting on a few other key specs like how much does that superb display affect battery life? Capacitive or resistive touchscreen? How much does the TG01 weigh and when will it be available? Still I can’t shift the nagging feeling that we’d be more interested in these answers had Toshiba not opted to take the same path as the HTC Touch HD

”’Update:”’ *Sigh* it’s a resistive touchscreen. Styluses at the ready people.

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