Toshiba Laptops Join Sony Battery Recall Farce

Less than three weeks after Sony said everthing was fine...

So there I was, happily working on my laptop, pondering why my thighs were moving rapidly from medium rare to well done and *Boom* it overheated and died. True Story, happened two weeks back. Sadly it has nothing to do with batteries so I can’t sue anyone American-styley but if a similar thing just happened to your Toshiba laptop you may be on more solid ground…

Today it has joined Apple, Dell and Panasonic by announcing a recall for 340,000 suspect batteries, bringing the industry total to a remarkable 6.24m units.

Batteries used in Dynabook and Dynabook Satellite laptops manufactured between March and May this year are being specifically targeted. Tosh spokesman Keisuje Ohmori confirmed that the under fire Sony was once again the guilty manufacturer as it had been with Dell and Apple.

In a double blow to both companies, the news comes after Sony itself declared there would be no more recalls and until now Toshiba has issued the following statement on its website:

”’Toshiba PCs not affected by Sony battery issue”’

”Sony is one of the suppliers of battery packs used in some Toshiba notebook PCs. We have investigated with Sony whether those PCs that employ the subject batteries are affected with the same problem that caused the recent recalls issued by Dell and Apple, and have found that the system design and the protection system of Toshiba notebook PCs differ from those of Dell and Apple. We have found no evidence that the problem reported by Dell and Apple in their recalls applies to our notebook PCs. Sony has confirmed to us that there is no such problem as cited in the recalls of Dell and Apple with the battery packs supplied to Toshiba.”



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