Toshiba Debuts First Circular LCD Panel

Try setting your gaming resolution with one of these...

Here’s one I’d never even considered: Toshiba has announced the world’s first circular LCD panel.

Measuring 2.4 inches in diameters, the product is said to be proof of a new Tosh manufacturing process which lets it build LCDs into any shape (though I still call it to produce a dodecahedron).

For a first (public) attempt however the circular panel is quite impressive. It measures 240 x 240 pixels along its longest lines and manages a pixel pitch of 0.258 x 0.258mm, 500cd/m2 brightness and a respectable 600:1 contrast ratio.

Speaking out on the production, Tosh explained “The panel is manufactured by forming the pattern on the glass substrate on the regular low-temperature p-Si TFT LCD production line. The glass substrate is cut into a circular shape at the final step of the production.” A company spokesperson even cockily said “the cutting process is unexpectedly easy” (so perhaps that dodecahedron is on the menu).

Naturally enough this tech isn’t expected to replace your monitors and TVs, but it is expected to play a vital role in automotive dials and give developers of mobile devices far greater scope to create even crazier designs.

Welcome to the world, little LCD circle – you’re proof it’s no longer hip to be square…

Toshiba UK