Toshiba and HD DVD at IFA

Toshiba rolls out some key new products at IFA

Toshiba’s big press conference at IFA was shared with the HD DVD Promotion Group. Of course this was no big surprise, considering that Toshiba has been championing the HD DVD format for the past year, producing some excellent hardware along the way.

Toshiba and the HD DVD PRG weren’t scared to evangelise about their high definition format and why it is a better bet to Blu-ray, but Toshiba was also keen to give us an insight into future generations of products.

The slide below shows four areas of development for consumer entertainment. The first box highlights the interactive features that are already offered by HD DVD, something that Toshiba was keen to point out isn’t available on Blu-ray. Far more intriguing however, was the talk of Toshiba leveraging its CELL chip technology. Of course the CELL chip is best known for powering the PlayStation 3, but it was actually developed by Sony, Toshiba and IBM. Toshiba was very clear that the CELL chip will feature in future TVs, giving them significant processing power. In fact Toshiba stated that there will be TVs incorporating the CELL chip by 2009.

The other two boxes touch on future screen technologies like OLED and a closer relationship with the TV and PC – once again, the CELL chip could be key to this development.

Next up was the subject of Regza Link. Like pretty much every other CE manufacturer, Toshiba is making use of the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) standard, which allows all devices connected via HDMI to be controlled by a single remote. But what makes Regza Link different from some of the implementations from Toshiba’s competitors, is the fact that it’s compatible with any CEC compliant device. This means that you won’t have to limit yourself to Toshiba products to benefit from that “one remote” dream. Now, if only every other manufacturer would follow suit!

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