Toshiba 1-UPs Sharp, Sony, With Latest REGZA TVs

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's TV. Though should he hath a REGZA, it's a fair cop.

For the third time this week I’m changing my mind as to who I’ll be going to for my next TV. No longer can the delights of Sony or Sharp tempt me, because now Toshiba has entered the arena, bringing with it not one, not two but 11 new REGZA sets to vie for your (and my) attention.

And do they ever by Jove! Starting with the basics, all the models feature 10-bit 1080p LCD 120MHz panels (experience tells us that these high-speed panels can help remove motion smearing) and support 60 and 24fps images – the latter being important for video purists.

Impressively all the sets allow DVR functionality and will record to either a connected USB 2.0 hard drive or a NAS box connected over Ethernet, while streaming is also possible from any DLNA device. If my Google-Japanese serves me correctly then there appears to be a credible array of noise-reducing and image-enhancing processing going on, including the licensing of Sony’s x.v.Colour engine so no worries on that front.

Connectivity wise the usual array of Component, Composite and (three) HDMI ports is on hand, because feeding these sets anything but the finest HD fodder would be tantamount to criminal. Of course, that most important aspect (as I so often point out), aesthetics, is equally well catered for, as the picture above shows.

Pricing comes in the at (deep breath) $3,153 for the 37in, $4,028 for the 42in, $4,466 for the 46in and $5,254 for the 52in. Finally, the top-of-the-line 57in monster will set you back a modest $8,319 and purchasing it will officially add you to my “most envied” list. (UK pricing as yet unconfirmed).

In all honesty I can’t think of anything that needs adding to provide a more complete package than that on offer from Toshiba here and at the risk of being proved wrong, I expect the new REGZA range to remain at the top of my Christmas wish-list for a while to come. Perhaps I should start a donation fund?

Electronista story. (with actual, readable Japanese to English translation).

Toshiba REGZA product page in the original Japanese and Google “Translation'”.

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