TomTom Unveils Redesigned ONE & XL

Doing everything to revert those worrying financial results.

It has to do something…

Right now TomTom is feeling the hurt. Profits are down 83 per cent and for all the clever technology introduced over recent months it hasn’t managed to arrest them so there’s only one logical angle left: go for the superficial.

Both TomTom ONE (above, left) and XL lines (above middle and right) have been on the receiving end of this makeover too with newly rounded appearances (which frankly look more modern) and a new patented ‘EasyPort’ mount which can be folded flat onto the device itself when not in use – we’ve been crying out for this.

Furthermore, TomTom has been boosting the audio output for each series claiming to have fitted a completely revised audio system which can be heard loud and clear at all times “even above the car radio, outside traffic noise or a car full of excited children!”

“The distinctive design of the new TomTom ONE and TomTom XL, with the convenience of the EasyPort mounting solution, will set them apart from other devices on the market, and will appeal to customers looking for a compact, smart, ultra-portable navigation solution, but who don’t wish to compromise on quality or features,” said Harold Goddijn, TomTom CEO in a particularly long sentence.

All launch in May with revised prices are as follows:

*TomTom ONE UK/Ireland – £149.99

*TomTom ONE Europe 22 – £169.99

*TomTom ONE UK/Ireland Traffic – £179.99

*TomTom ONE Europe 22 Traffic – £199.99

*TomTom XL UK/Ireland – £179.99

*TomTom XL Europe 22 – £199.99

*TomTom XL UK/Ireland Traffic – £209.99

*TomTom XL Europe 22 Traffic – £229.99

Of course no matter what TomTom does to revamp its products the fact remains that it can’t compete with the increasing number of affordable handsets offering integrated GPS. It would argue a dedicated device is better, but it still isn’t a fair playing field. Expect TomTom to do the decent thing and increasingly licence its software to handset makers. You’ll be pressing the ‘TomTom button’ on your Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson/iPhone before you know it…

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