TomTom Launches XL LIVE

Brings LIVE services to its mid-range sat-navs.

TomTom is bringing the LIVE services previously available only on its higher end models, such as the TomTom Go 540 LIVE, to the lower end TomTom XL. The addition will provide LIVE functionality, such as HD Traffic, across several European countries, for a fixed monthly subscription.

The TomTom XL Live itself has a £249.99 MSRP and LIVE carries a monthly cost of £7.99. In return for that outlay, map coverage is provided for 42 European countries and LIVE services are available in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

LIVE includes HD Traffic which provides real-time traffic information, Safety Alerts, which gives (s)speed(/s) safety camera information, including user-updated mobile locations, Fuel Prices, which show data about fuel pricing en-route and Online Local Search, which plugs into Google’s database to facilitate finding destination information while on the move.