TomTom Launches Rider ‘2nd Edition’

Only months after the first - Rider 1.0 owners will be pleased.

It was just back in April that TomTom released its first dedicated GPS for bikers, so I’m sure its owners will be ”thrilled” to hear there’s already a successor on the way.

The ‘Rider 2nd Edition’ to be fair isn’t a million miles away from the original with a 3.5in QVGA ruggedized touchscreen, 380MHz CPU, 32MB RAM and an SD Card (hopefully) featuring the road maps for the country you live in (if not watch out for that upcoming roundabout… What is a roundabout? Exactly).

TomTom says Rider 1.2/2.0 (?) does have a redesigned RAM mount (apparently that is biker talk for hooking it up to your hog… too much? I thought so) while the Rider also comes with an in-helmet Bluetooth headset so you can actually ”hear” the spoken directions. Mobile phone pairing is on the menu too, which is doubly handy since it helps you avoid fumbling in those tight leathers (unless that’s a perk?).

The Rider 2nd Edition goes on sale immediately and costs a hefty £399.99 for full European mapping and is a little cheaper at £349.99 for Regional only. I guess what you save in parking…

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