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TomTom’s new SatNav will connect with your smart home

Since stepping back from its brief foray into the world of fitness trackers, Dutch company TomTom is going back to its roots: SatNav devices.

While it’s questionable how popular these can be in 2019, when the majority of car owners have a GPS-powered device in their pockets, the new TomTom Go Premium does at least have one interesting trick up its sleeve: it comes with IFTTT integration out of the box to let you automate your smart home from the driveway. It also works with Siri and Alexa, for all your smart home needs.

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That means that you could, say, have your garage open up magically when you arrive at the house. Or you could set your Roomba robot vacuum to go about its cleaning business once you’re safely out of earshot. You could even have your smart thermostat click into life when it detects your car leaving work, without you needing to even pick up your smartphone. Isn’t the future wonderful?

It’s not just IFTTT connected: it plays nicely with your smartphone, meaning you can pop routes into the TomTom MyDrive app and have them appear on screen. The same app will remember where you park, too. And you don’t have to remember to update the SatNav software: it’ll do it automatically using its built-in WiFi.

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There’s one problem: despite the abundance of GPS units we now carry about our person, TomTom SatNavs don’t seem to have dramatically dropped in price since their heyday. That means that the TomTom Go Premium will set you back a pretty steep £299.99 for the 5-inch model, or £369 for a larger 6-inch version.

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