TomTom for iPhone Pricing Leaks

Software and cradle bundled for a not-extortionate amount.

Tomtom’s announcement that it would be creating a turn-by-turn navigation application for the iPhone was pretty well-received, but one crucial snippet of information has remained elusive until now: pricing. Thanks to e-tailer Handtec, however, it looks like that final question has been answered, having offered pre-orders of a bundled package of the TomTom for iPhone app and docking cradle for £113.85.

That pricing puts TomTom’s iPhone-based solution near enough in line with the entry level TomTom One IQ Routed Edition, which can be had for about £130 online. As such, it seems reasonable to expect a similar quality of experience. Although there’s nothing to say TomTom’s iPhone app can’t be better (or worse, for that matter) than its dedicated devices.

Admittedly, one e-tailer can’t be considered a definitive reference point for pricing of an unreleased product. Further, it still remains to be seen whether it will be possible to buy the cradle and app separately – I doubt anyone with an in-car iPod dock would particularly relish buying a second one – and what individual pricing will be. And that’s notwithstanding the likely desire to know if the app is actually worth splashing out on in the first place.