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Tom Cruise screaming is the perfect ringtone to round out 2016

Have you guys seen the trailer for The Mummy yet? Granted, it’s another reboot and Tom Cruise is in it, but it has the potential to… not be completely terrible.

If you missed it, you may have seen the viral version uploaded accidentally by IMAX this week (via The Daily Dot). It features no music and no sound effects, but does feature some very guttural and unrealistic-sounding screams from the lead male.

Here you go!

Oh, and here’s an incredible The Big Lebowski mash-up.

The Tom-foolery went even further when some bright spark turned Cruise’s context-free screams into an iPhone ringtone.

The creator William Wilkinson has even shared the .wav file on Dropbox for everyone to download, install and enjoy.


So, there you have it. After what many consider to be the single crappest year they’ve experienced on the good Earth, what batter way to end it than with Tom Cruise screaming blue murder… albeit in very unconvincing fashion.

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