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Today is a clock that makes the day seem longer

Analogue clocks haven’t changed much over the years, but Today claims to put a whole new spin on the act of telling the time.

Its hand only completes one rotation of the clock face every day. The maker claims this changes how you see your day – instead of compressing time into minutes and hours, you’re supposed to take a more overarching view, and see where you are in the day.

In the words of its creator, the clock “stretches your perception of time, so you can make space for all of the things in life that cannot be counted.”

Great. But as long as we can tell the time without being confused. Because running late is sure to undo all that destressing it’s supposed to do.

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But if it’s too fast for you, you can always check out the maker’s previous project, The Present. This is a clock whose hand only completes one rotation every year. That’s right, so by June it’ll only be pointing at six o’clock. Again, the idea is to ground you in the present, along the same lines as this watch, as worn by Craig David.

It’s passed its funding goal and still has 28 days to go. Want one? Pledge $88 (£61), and it can be yours when it ships in December (that’s almost 12 o’clock, for anyone with The Present clock.)