Tim Peake launch: Live photos of UK astronaut heading into space

Space, the final frontier – currently being traversed by a star-gazing Briton.

UK astronaut Tim Peake has just been blasted off into space, destined for the International Space Station.

Peake departed from Kazakhstan at 11:00, aboard the Soyuz space capsule.

Major Peake, a 43-year-old former British Army Air Corps officer, is also joined by Russian Yuri Malenchenko and American Tim Kopra.

Here are some of the best launch shots, courtesy of Twitter:

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676708083469443072

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676714394101940224

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676707529200660481

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676710867967344640

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676717919783415808

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676718936491032577

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https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676720495056801792

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676719797128847360

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676720312369610752

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676720634697674752

https://twitter.com/statuses/ 676724866863792128

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