Three iWatch variations en route for September?

Apple could be preparing to launch three variations of the Apple Watch later this year if the latest reports are correct.

Previous rumours suggested that Apple might have two iWatch models up its sleeves, one for men and another slightly smaller version for women.

However, a new report from Taiwanese publication Economic Daily, Apple actually has three models it will launch later this year.

Apparently, the first one will have a 1.6-inch display, which will put it on par with existing smartwatches like the Samsung Gear 2 and LG G Watch.

The second and third options will have a larger 1.8-inch display, but one of them will be kitted out with the same crystal sapphire display Apple should use for the iPhone 6.

Apple’s sapphire display version will supposedly make use of next-generation touch sensors supplied by TPK, the world’s top touch panel manufacturer in terms of volume.

The technology uses silver nanowire ink rather than indium tin oxide due to its enhanced conductive properties. This silver nanowire ink touch film lets Apple use sapphire glass without the need for additional sensors to determine tap locations with accuracy.

Silver nanowire ink films are also very flexible, which could mean Apple is kitting out the smartwatch with a LG flexible OLED display, although that wasn’t confirmed by the source.

The Taiwanese sources stated that all three iWatch models will launch in the third quarter of 2014, probably at the same time as the iPhone 6 launch.

Along with the iWatch report, the sources state that the rumoured 12.9-inch iPad, dubbed the iPad Pro, is still a possibility for the company and could launch before the end of the year.

Apple is well known for launching its new tablet range, which this year will be the successors to the iPad Air and iPad mini 2 Retina, in October after the iPhone reveal.

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Via: GforGames