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Thomas The Tank Engine will hunt you down in this Resident Evil 2 mod

Yet another outrageous Resident Evil 2 mod has arrived, and this one involves a beloved cartoon train chasing you down.

PC players of Capcom’s recently released remake can now replace the ominous Mr. X with Thomas The Tank Engine.

Now, instead of a terrifying biological weapon pursuing you through the Raccoon City Police Department, you’ll be followed by everyone’s favourite locomotive.

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Watching powerless as Thomas choo-choo’s toward you and zombies lurch ever closer is oddly terrifying, made even worse by the music that grows ever louder with each step, who knew the classic theme song could be so spooky.

If you fancy tackling the steaming blue menace yourself, you can download the model here, and you’ll want to install the sound effects too to get the full package.

Scoring 9/10 in our review, Resident Evil 2 is a splendid remake of the 1998 classic that somehow manages to improve upon it:

‘Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield deliver uniquely excellent campaigns who, despite clearly being cut from the same cloth, distinguish themselves enough to make this the definitive version of the beloved classic.

It isn’t perfect, arguably confined by the blueprint it established more than 20 years ago, but as a recreation of the source material, it’s almost note perfect.’

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