This Xbox One S bundle offers insane value for money

Earlier this week we posted a great deal that netted you an Xbox One S and three games for £199 – but we’ve just found an even better offer at Game.

Game is selling the Xbox One S (500GB) Forza Horizon 3 bundle with Overwatch: Origins Edition, Fifa 17, and a two-month Now TV cinema pass, all for just £219.99.

However, if you enter the code GAMEXBOX20 at checkout, you’ll find £20 knocked off, bringing the total price down to just £199.99 – an undeniable bargain. For reference, here’s current Amazon UK pricing for the individual bundle items:

  • Xbox One S Forza Bundle – £206.89
  • Overwatch Origins Edition – £26.00
  • Fifa 17 – £27.00
  • Now TV 2x-month Cinema Pass – £14.98

That comes to £274.87 total, which means you’re saving a hefty £74.88.

Buy Now: Xbox One S Games + Now TV at Game for £199

xbox one s

Until the Xbox One X launches later this year, the Xbox One S is by far Microsoft’s most powerful console. That’s part of the reason why we gave it a lofty 4/5 score, although we were also impressed by the small form factor, 4K game upscaling, and great value for money.

Here’s our verdict, written at the console’s original £350 launch price last year:

“The Xbox One S is far better than the original Xbox One, with improvements on every front. It’s smaller, it’s prettier and it includes a greater number of features. Sure, the gaming element is almost unchanged, but HDR gaming compatibility means at least a degree of future-proofing. Then there’s the 4K output: although it’s upscaled, rather than native, right now this is the best you’ll get from a console.”

“But the real worth is the ability to play UHD Blu-rays. This is the most affordable 4K Blu-ray player on the market, and it’s a competent performer to boot. If you own a 4K TV and you want your movies and games looking their best, the Xbox One S is a no-brainer.”

“Microsoft faces competition from Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. While the Sony offers 4K and HDR in gaming, it doesn’t play UHD Blu-rays. That’s a major omission in my book, leaving an open goal for the Xbox One S.”

Buy Now: Xbox One S Games + Now TV at Game for £199

Xbox One S

We’ve also been impressed by all of the games included in this bundle, scored as follows:

Forza Horizon 3 (5/5): “This game gets my heart rate going like no other racer. It captures the childish glee of playing with toy cars and combines it with the adrenaline of throwing yourself around in a very expensive hunk of metal.”

Overwatch (4.5/5): “Overwatch is a first-person shooter that oozes personality and charm, but beyond that surface layer lies a deep, tactical game where your most powerful weapon is your brain. If, like me, you’ve recently fallen out of love with online first-person shooters, play Overwatch long enough for it to deliver one of its many standout moments and you’ll be renewing your vows in no time.”

Fifa 17 (4/5): “FIFA 17 is another strong entry in the iconic series, and one that looks to lay the groundwork for future titles by switching to a new engine. The hyper-realistic graphics are great, with facial expressions finally helping players look more than mannequins.”

Buy Now: Xbox One S Games + Now TV at Game for £199

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