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Video: Was the Galaxy Note 7 worth the wait?

Welcome to The Refresh, a weekly series from TrustedReviews where we pick out the week’s highlights from the tech world.

This week’s top story:

Galaxy Note 7 Hands-On Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 7. Packing a curved 5.7-inch, high-dynamic range display, iris scanner, waterproofing, USB Type C and of course – the staple of the Note series – an upgraded S-Pen.

The best news is that the Note 7 will be coming to the UK with a pretty hefty £750 SIM-free price tag.


Also in the news this week:

Xbox One S – We unboxed Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One S live on Facebook. Alastair Stevenson (@MonkeyGuru) walks us through the new design, Ultra HD blu-ray player, HDR gaming and improved controller.

Civilization 6 – Michael Passingham (@MrPassingham) spent 4 hours and 150 turns playing a preview of Civ 6 on the PC. I think he liked it.

Best Games Console Ever? – In this week’s Head-to-Head, Alastair Stevenson and Brett Phipps (@InverteBrett) battle it out over which is the best games console of all time.

OnePlus 3 sales on hold – OnePlus is suspending OnePlus 3 sales in 24 countries due to ‘better than expected demand‘ for the new phone.

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Google Drones – Google parent company Alphabet has been given the go-ahead to test its delivery drones under Project Wings in the US. This follows last week’s news that Amazon was given permission to run similar tests in the UK. Alphabet vs Amazon, begun the drone wars have!

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