This Panasonic cashback deal on Lumix 4K cameras is amazing

Panasonic are getting in on the christmas deals action by offering double cashback on 4K cameras and video cameras.

If you buy an eligible Lumix camera or camcorder from a participating store between November 18 and December 6 you can claim cashback up to £300.

The announcement says that a range of Lumix and Lumix G products are included in the deal.

To get the cashback you have to be over 18 and fill out an online registration form within 28 days of you buying the product.

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The registration form can be found here, and the last date for registration is March 7, 2016.

The website doesn’t provide a list of retailers that qualify but does note that any cameras or camcorders bought from Dixons Travel are not included in the deal.

You’ll also need to hang on to your receipt as in order to claim the cashback you will need to upload a copy of both the receipt and the product barcode.

We will be updating our deals pages with the latest discounts so keep an eye on both the UK Black Friday Deals and the US Black Friday Deals pages over the coming weeks.

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