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This mystery Xiaomi phone is expected to feature the new Snapdragon 875

Xiaomi releases a lot of phones and we’ve already got a tease of what we could see next from the company. One of the first releases of next year is now expected to feature the new flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 processor.

We’ve already seen some leaked benchmarks of the Snapdragon 875 chip, however, those phones either remained a mystery or were presumed to be the Samsung Galaxy S21. This time, the phone benchmarks are reported as coming from a Xiaomi device.

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The leak comes from Dealntech and sees the Snapdragon 875-sporting Xiaomi device produced a 23% higher single-core score and 6.5% higher multi-core score than a OnePlus 8 Pro utilising a Snapdragon 865.

The improvement in performance is mighty impressive indeed, but that’s not really why we are here. The question remains: what is the “Xiaomi M20012K11C” device listed in the benchmark?

Those who spotted the leak have assumed it is the Xiaomi Mi 11 but the tested device sports only 6GB RAM compared to 8GB RAM on the Xiaomi Mi 10. Either, Xiaomi is set to offer a lower spec flagship this time around and offer a slightly less impressive base Xiaomi Mi 11 model or that this is a different phone.

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Like Samsung, Xiaomi’s lineup includes another set of flagships in the form of a “Note” series – meaning there’s a chance this mystery phone could be a Xiaomi Mi Note 11. However, if this is the case, then we likely won’t see this phone until the second half of next year, with a Xiaomi Mi 11 expected to drop first.

The other implication would be that this would mean we still wouldn’t know the processor or specs of the actual Mi 11 – leaving it an even bigger mystery than the initial subject of this article. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more concrete of Xiaomi’s upcoming phones to emerge and update you accordingly.