This is now the fastest car in GTA Online

Rockstar has revealed the fastest car ever to grace GTA Online, and it will only cost you $2.7 million.

The Grotti X80 Proto comes as part of the Finance and Felony DLC for GTA Online, which also includes a new Adversary mode.

Known as Power Play, the new adversary mode adds six power-ups to team conflicts, which can be triggered to give your side the advantage.

These power-ups include Beasted, Zoned, Doped, Raging, Flipped and Dark. You can catch them in action in the video below:

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The Finance and Felony expansion for GTA Online not only includes the Grotti X80 Proto, but a bunch of other vehicles, too.

We’ve compiled all of the new vehicles and their respective prices below.

New Cars

gta online

  • Pegassi Reaper: $1,595,000
  • Vapid FMJ: $1,750,000
  • Enus Windsor Drop: $900,000
  • Grotti Bestia GTS: $610,000
  • Benefactor XLS: $253,000 – $522,000
  • Bravado Rumpo Custom: $130,000

Specialist vehicles

gta online

  • Volatus chopper: $2,295,000
  • Cargobob Jetsam: $1,995,000
  • Nimbus jet: $1,900,000
  • Cargobob: $1,790,000
  • Tug boat: $1,250,000
  • Brickade armoured truck: $1,110,000

In order to purchase every new car on display you’ll need a whopping $16 million in your in-game wallet. Pocket change, really.

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