This incredible R2-D2 mini-fridge brings chilled drinks to Star Wars fans

The thirst is strong with this one…

If you’ve ever thought R2-D2 would double as a great rolling drinks cabinet, you’re not alone.

Haier has unveiled a moving refrigerator built to look just like the famous Star Wars droid.

Check it out:


The R2-D2 fridge will be present at the CES 2016 showroom floor, but it’s already available to pre-order in Japan.

“With an elaborate construction that hits all the details, the fridge is a faithful replica in terms of sound and movement too,” reads the product’s description.

It continues: “A refrigerator is installed in the body, and in addition to being able to keep drinks chilled, R2-D2 can even move just like in the movies by using the included remote control.”


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