This anti-drone gun has a massive 1.2 mile range

After a new drone for Christmas? Just be careful where you fly it, yeah.

Not only are drone laws seriously strict, and restrictive, playing fast and loose with them could see your high-end bit of kit soon hit by this monstrous anti-drone gun.

More land-to-air missile launcher than a posh toy destroyer, the DroneShield DroneGun is able to block your drone’s signals – including GPS and GLONASS positioning – from a staggering 1.2 miles away.

That’s right, more than a mile. You literally wouldn’t know what hit you.

Instead of simply knocking the drone from the sky – that poses safety issues in itself – the DroneGun blocks its signals and forces it into a steady decent.

Of course, this isn’t likely to be whipped out just because you ventured over your neighbour’s fence.

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Instead, the near 6KG machine, which can be used by a single member of a security team, is being designed for use around major buildings, airports and landmarks that could be targeted by terrorists.

There is a slight catch though. The DroneGun isn’t actually FCC-certified, meaning it’s not legal to operate one, ah. Still, it looks pretty badass, as you can see in the video above.

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Are drone laws in the UK too strict? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.