Third HTC Android Smartphone Leaks

G1 successor potentially unveiled.

After what in hindsight I think many will agree has been something of a slow start, it seems Android is finally beginning to take off. The long solo T-Mobile G1 has recently been bolstered by the HTC Magic, Samsung I7500, imminent Cupcake arrival and now this…

Images have leaked of HTC’s third entry into Googlesphere with the so-called ‘Hero’, a heavily chinned (even for HTC standards) handset that has a similar form factor to the G1.

Central to this comparison is a physical sliding Qwerty keyboard though the screen itself has been much enlarged and while we don’t have any specific specifications, looks to have a much higher resolution. The trackball also disappears which might annoy some, though they should be appeased by the appearance of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Other HTC fundamentals like HSDPA, WiFi, aGPS, Bluetooth, a microSD slot, yada yada should also make it through to the final spec.

Naturally some scepticism remains over the validity of these shots, but given HTC’s glass door security I fully expect this model to pan out. Besides, if you were going to fake the next Android handset would you really spend your time conjuring the love child of a G1 and Diamond2?

Hmmmn, maybe…