Think Sky Q is too expensive? Well it’s just gone up £2

Sky has announced its new Sky Q service is going up by £2 a month, just weeks after the new platform became available to customers.

The cheapest tariff for the package, which includes a new 4K-friendly DVR and redesigned user interface, now starts at £44 a month (up from £42). The Silver package is now £56 (up from £54)

The price change is immediate for new customers, while early adopters will take the hit in June.

Sky Q has already been criticised in some quarters for being prohibitively expensive.

In a recent poll on the site, 66 per cent of TrustedReviews readers said they would not be buying the update due to the expense.

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Elsewhere, the satellite TV giant has announced price increases for subscribers of its regular tariffs. The increases will range from £1 to £4.25, depending on the package.

The Complete package, which also includes a free 32-inch LG TV and a Samsung tablet alongside all of the premium channels, will now cost £80 a month.

On average, customers’ bills will go up between £2-3.

“We are always investing to keep Sky the best value entertainment choice for customers,” a spokesperson said. “On average, bills will rise by less than £3 a month.”

The price increases may damage the goodwill Sky built by offering a new Sky Sports Mix channel that makes premium live sports available to non-subscribers.

The channel will see some Premier League and World Cup Qualifying football broadcast live free of additional charge for those without a Sky Sports package.


Live cricket, golf and rugby will also be available on the channel.