Thermaltake’s X Cooling Air is a butt chilling gaming chair

Winter may be coming, but Thermaltake has created a gaming chair with built-in fans to keep the backsides of gamers cool during long gaming sessions.

Better known for cooling PC hardware rather than the derrières of gaming enthusiasts, Thermaltake has decided to turn its hand at cooling human flesh alongside silicon with the X Comfort Air chair.

Four fans sit in the base of the chair and blow cooling air on to the posterior of the user, with speed settings ranging from low to high in order to calmly or quickly cool a burning butt.

“Using state-of-the-art air-cooling design tech with optimised aerodynamics, gaming enthusiasts can freely adjust their cooling with an easy to access 3-button controller for desired air cooling performance,” said Thermaltake.

The X Comfort Air chair comes courtesy of Thermaltake’s Tt eSports sub-brand, so the chair appears to be aimed at competitive gamers who need to be seated comfortably for many hours at a time when battling rivals in games such as Dota 2 and Overwatch.

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However, with its foam padding, multi-function tilt mechanism, ‘4D’ armrests, head and back supports, and a faux leather finish, the X Comfort Air chair has plenty of gaming-grade features aside from the fans, so should appeal to non-competitive gamers who are used to pulling lengthy gaming sessions.

Available in all-black and the classic red and back gaming colour schemes, the X Comfort Air will set buyers back by a hefty $500, around £380, and it appears to be only available in the US at the moment. So keen UK gamers may need to go down the import route if they want a gaming chair to keep their backsides cool.

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