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Apple Watch Series 2 discounted to £69 for people who actually exercise

Get yourself an Apple Watch Series 2 for the cheap, cheap price of £69 thanks to Apple’s partnership with Vitality, the health insurer.

Users of Vitality and its Active Rewards scheme are eligible to get the Apple Watch Series 2 for £69 – but there’s one hell of the catch.

Basically, Vitality have set up a 24-month exercise plan, making the £69 an initial fee. From then on the amount of exercise you do determines how many points you earn. In turn this determines what you pay each month. Ouch.

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A lazy month where you don’t hit the gym at all will earn you 0-39 points and land you with a fee of £12.50. The more you workout the less you pay and the price markers decrease to £10, then £7.50 and finally £5. Manage to accrue over 160+ points and you won’t have to pay any money at all.  Alternatively you could spend two years doing diddly-squat and end up paying £300 for your watch.

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Those who plan to beat the system by giving it to their super active friends are all out of luck, we’re afraid. Apparently, that constitutes insurance fraud says Andrew Kail, UK financial services leader at PwC.

Of course, many will be put off by their health insurer knowing exactly what they do to keep fit (or don’t do, as the case may be). For fitness freaks though, this is the perfect opportunity to get a brand new Apple Watch Series 2 for cheap as chips.

Er, better not actually eat any chips…

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